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MeFit Vending is an innovative vending machine company that supplies state of art vending machines that serve organic fresh/classic items to businesses, schools, venues, along with a variety of organizations in the San Jose and San Francisco areas. Here at MeFit Vending, we understand the impact that nutrition has on your mood, energy levels, and work performance; our vending machines cater only the most nutritious meals so that you, your employees, and your customers perform at their best. 

Our commercial vending machines ensure that your team has healthy and affordable meals at your convenience; with MeFit Vending, you can expect to receive fresh food or drinks in seconds, allowing you to make the most out of your lunch break. We maintain and restock our vending machines regularly so that you always have a delicious meal at the push of a button. Get the best vending machine for your workplace today and live better tomorrow!

  • Lily G. AvatarLily G.

    I have only great things to say about Me Fit Vending. Hope you guys expand across the country and wish you all the best success! I spend most of my time by your machine and our customers love it.

    Peter P. AvatarPeter P.

    Me Fit Vending rocks. I would recommend it to any company to use their vending machine services. Vijay is very professional and customer service is great!

    Jayden T. AvatarJayden T.

    Real amazing company. Thanks for getting our office setup with a vending machine. We love healthy food and drinks we have now and your service.

  • George W. AvatarGeorge W.

    My staff was ordering food or going downstairs to eat that led to inefficiancy, MeFit's perishable vending machine in our office made my staff and me very happy.

    Adam N. AvatarAdam N.

    It was a delight to work with Mr Vijay from MeFit. I was helping a school in San Jose to adopt healthy vending solution and MeFit did the job.

Vending Machine In Carnadero

Fresh And Healthy Snacks Vending Machines Are A Big Hit With Businesses And Schools In Carnadero, CA 

The days of unhealthy and high calorie chocolate bars and chips in the vending machine are no more. Fresh food and snack vending is taking the industry by storm. Imagine healthy products stocked in vending machines and each is a delicious national name brand item? 

Even more impressive, these state of the art vending machines sell the same products you can find on the shelves of your local health food grocers. The best part; your health-conscious employees, customers and students won’t have to take one step into those crowded stores. These vending machines, placed in your location, will be available for a snack, meal or beverage at any time they are needed.

Healthier Vending Machine Choices Provide Noticeable Benefits to Overall Productivity At Work And School

There will be no more skipping of meals with a MeFit Vending healthy snacks vending machine at your business location in Santa Clara County. With fresh and healthy snacks and meal options offered right at your work or school, students won’t have to bring “brown bag” lunches and employees can save the time of leaving the workplace only to deal with lunch hour traffic and long waits at grocery store checkout lines or at restaurants.

Products in these healthy snacks vending machines offer lower sugar, fewer calories and less fat – ideal for a tasty snack or meal. This includes a selection of tasty, low-fat chips. It’s often said that a belly full of healthy food makes for better concentration at work or at school. A sugar filled candy snack will only provide a bit of energy for a short period of time. 

Over 500+ Healthy Snacks, Meals And Beverage Products To Choose From

MeFit Vending vending machines offer a very broad range of healthy offerings. In addition to the healthy snacks, MeFit Vending offers machines that sell delicious and healthy meals. This includes sandwiches, Thai noodles, falafel bowls and much more. Rest assured, the ingredients meet dietary requirements, and many are organic, low calorie, low fat, kosher, low carb and gluten free. The machines are temperature controlled to ensure the foods stay fresh. Meals with high quality and healthy ingredients will always be available to those in need of a tasty snack or meal.

Unique Types Of Vending Machines From MeFit VendingWill Have Your Employees In Santa Clara County Saying, “Wow!”

MeFit Vending offers custom-made, healthy snacks vending machines to provide your employees and students with more nutritious treats and meals. The machine choice is beyond impressive: eggs vending machine, salads vending machine, tacos vending machine, bagel vending machines, burrito vending machines and burrito box vending machines. Beverage machines that sell flavored water, energy drinks and diet sodas are also available to quench thirst and complement the healthy snacks and meals. 

MeFit Vending Is More Than Just A Typical Vending Machine That Sells Food 

MeFit Vending machines feature the latest and greatest advancements in vending machine technology. All vending machines are eco-friendly, run efficiently, keep food fresh, replenish before products run out and accept multiple forms of payment. Your employees, customers or students in Santa Clara County can purchase foods, snacks and beverages with ease. These machines allow mobile phone payments using Apple Pay or Google Wallet and other options. Machines also offer a credit card and debit card reader and accept coins and cash. Machines are made in the U.S.A. and compliant with the 2012 American’s With Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines for vending machines.

These Vending Machines Are Continually Monitored, Stocked And Serviced By MeFit Vending

MeFit Vending uses daily remote monitoring for all vending machine services, in order to keep track if a specific product selection is running low. The MeFit Vending vending machines are serviced regularly to ensure that no selections are out of stock. Highly trained operators provide amazing and attentive vending machine service. Machines are provided at no cost to your business in Carnadero, CA.

MeFit Vending Offers Free Consultations And Product Tastings To Clients In Carnadero, CA

If you are looking for healthy snacks in your school or workplace and need more more information, contact MeFit Vending today. MeFit Vending offers a 60-day free trial with no strings attached. Simply call 408-673-7442 or visit https://www.mefitsvending.com today.

MeFit Vending will work with you to find the right healthy snacks, meals or beverages vending machine and selection to meet the demand at your location. A vending machine Carnadero from MeFit Vending is clean, dependable and the amazing daily remote monitoring feature ensures that product options are always stocked.

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