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MeFit Vending is an innovative vending machine company that supplies state of art vending machines that serve organic fresh/classic items to businesses, schools, venues, along with a variety of organizations in the San Jose and San Francisco areas. Here at MeFit Vending, we understand the impact that nutrition has on your mood, energy levels, and work performance; our vending machines cater only the most nutritious meals so that you, your employees, and your customers perform at their best. 

Our commercial vending machines ensure that your team has healthy and affordable meals at your convenience; with MeFit Vending, you can expect to receive fresh food or drinks in seconds, allowing you to make the most out of your lunch break. We maintain and restock our vending machines regularly so that you always have a delicious meal at the push of a button. Get the best vending machine for your workplace today and live better tomorrow!

  • Lily G. AvatarLily G.

    I have only great things to say about Me Fit Vending. Hope you guys expand across the country and wish you all the best success! I spend most of my time by your machine and our customers love it.

    Peter P. AvatarPeter P.

    Me Fit Vending rocks. I would recommend it to any company to use their vending machine services. Vijay is very professional and customer service is great!

    Jayden T. AvatarJayden T.

    Real amazing company. Thanks for getting our office setup with a vending machine. We love healthy food and drinks we have now and your service.

  • George W. AvatarGeorge W.

    My staff was ordering food or going downstairs to eat that led to inefficiancy, MeFit's perishable vending machine in our office made my staff and me very happy.

    Adam N. AvatarAdam N.

    It was a delight to work with Mr Vijay from MeFit. I was helping a school in San Jose to adopt healthy vending solution and MeFit did the job.

Vending Machine In Linda Mar

MeFit Vending Takes Vending To A Whole New Level In Linda Mar, CA

This is not a stereotypical soda vending machine, filled with sugary sweet drinks. This is a high tech machine offering unique, healthy product selection and user experience. And while many vending companies in San Mateo County may claim they can provide healthier options, very few actually do so. MeFit Vending is the real deal when it comes to vending machine business; a vending company that follows through on their promises for healthier selections and great customer service.

Vending machines make money for their owners or workers. In line with that, it’s one of the most common methods of making money in the business world today. Vending operations can generate an extra income for a company but they must also be managed effectively if that business’ goals are to be realized. This involves not only placing machines strategically but also maintaining them to ensure that they’re always working properly. Mefit vending will help you increase your profits with are different vending machine options. 

MeFit Vending Fits The Dietary Needs of Employees, Customers And Students

MeFit Vending provides Linda Mar, CA businesses with a wide variety of different types of vending machines filled with nutritious and wholesome foods. The healthy products are not generic but instead national name brand products, like those found on the shelves of your local health food grocery stores. Customers will appreciate the unique selections and the ease of acquiring food or beverages without having to leave the building.

Mefit offers fresh food people love to eat, and vending machines that offer fresh food are often a hit. In particular fresh food items like sandwiches, chips, yogurt, and yogurt toppings attract people. These products can be extremely tempting as these foods are delicious and tend to have good nutritional value. These are good for consumers who live near grocery stores or other fresh food outlets. Therefore, vending machines that sell fresh food should only be placed in areas where there is a possibility of a nearby grocery store. If you place them, your machine will only earn you a profit.

Convenient Payment Options For Employees, Customers and Students In San Mateo County 

No need to scrape the bottom of the desk drawer for coinage to purchase snacks from a coin operated vending machine. MeFit Vending makes it a breeze to purchase meals, snacks and beverages. A customer can use a mobile phone to make payments using Apple Pay or Google Wallet and other options. These technologically advanced vending machines also offer a credit card and debit card reader in addition to taking cash and coins.

Remote Monitoring of Products Helps Avoid Unexpectedly Running Out Of Product

You have to closely monitor the location of your vending machines. You must also keep tabs of how many snacks are dispensed. This way, you’ll know how well the machines work. You should also take note of the locations of the machines when you inspect them periodically. With MeFits remote monitoring we can help prevent issues that may arise when your vending machine is running low.

MeFit Vending monitors, stocks and services the vending machine as needed. A highly trained operator provides exemplary service to all customers. Snack and drink vending machines are restocked about once a week with different snack and drink combination. In addition, thanks to modern technology, each vending machine is remotely monitored so MeFit Vending knows exactly when a product is running low.

Vending Machine Includes The Products Selected By The Business Owner

Vending machines are places where people come to purchase products. Therefore, you have to be able to choose the right products to place in your machines. Your choices include the type of product, its price, the brand, and the materials used to produce that product. If you put too many different products in your vending machines, you won’t be able to earn the profit that you’re targeting. Instead, you must place the right products in your machines so that you’ll get a higher profit margin.

The business, store or school client in Linda Mar, CAwill have the opportunity to select from over 500 products. This includes snacks, meals and beverages. As time goes on, changes to the selections will be made accordingly based on vending needs and demands. MeFit Vending is sure to provide a snack or food vending machine to suit most dietary needs including fresh and healthy snacks that are low sugar, high fiber and high protein.

What Types of Healthy Products Can Be Stocked In MeFit Vending Machines?

The healthy products that MeFit Vending provides are all national name brand items. These are the same products you can find on the shelves of your local health food grocers in San Mateo County.

Healthier alternatives include:

Food vending machines offer a very broad range of snacks and meals including healthy and delicious sandwiches, Thai noodles, falafel bowls and more. The machines are temperature controlled to ensure the foods stay fresh.

Some unique machine types include:

Refreshing and healthy beverage vending machines selling flavored water, energy drinks and diet sodas are also available.

Energy Efficient And ADA Compliant Vending Machine

MeFit Vending vending machines are made in the U.S.A and compliant with the 2012 American’s With Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines for vending machines and vending operations. The machine is equipped with an energy-saving mode, so no power is wasted keeping beverages cold overnight if no employees are working. This saves the San Mateo County business owner money on energy bills.

A MeFit Vending Vending Machine Allows Employee Discounts And Reward Incentives

This clever vending equipment offers the ability to provide employee and student discounts like rewarding for healthier choices and meeting fitness goals.

Qualified Locations In Linda Mar, CA Pay No Fee For A MeFit Vending Vending Machine

If a location is qualified, the MeFit Vending machines are provided at no cost to the establishment. The company may even be eligible for a commission from the profits generated each month.

Regular Service Monitors Freshness Of Products And Assuring Dependability And Cleanliness Of Machines

The team at MeFit Vending is always ready to serve their clients in San Mateo County. In fact, a service operator replenishes products when needed so the products are always fresh and machines clean and working efficiently. MeFit Vending machines allow for germ free use since there is no opening door and products inside are not continually touched.

Are You Ready To Sell Healthier Food And Snack Selections In A State-of-the-Arts Vending Machine?

MeFit Vending offers vending machines that provide fresh, healthy snacks. If you have questions, contact MeFit Vending today. MeFit Vending offers free consultations, product tastings and a 60-day free trial. If you are interested in vending machine Linda Mar, call 408-673-7442 or visit https://www.mefitsvending.com.

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